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 Advising information

For additional advising information, please log in to COIN, accessed through myUMassD.

Proper advising is crucial to ensure that the appropriate courses are being selected/taken and that your graduation plan is met.

The freshmen advisors are trained to provide the appropriate guidance to entering freshmen. Two frequently asked questions by freshmen are:

    • How do I contact my advisor? or Who is my advisor?
      Find out who your advisor is and how to contact him/her.


  • When do I switch to a non-freshmen advisor?
    Your last advising session with your freshmen advisor occurs when you pre-register for ECE 201 - Circuit Theory I.

If you are in IMPULSE, withdrawal from the IMPULSE courses (EGR 105/MTH 113/PHY 111 or EGR 108/MTH 114/PHY 112) means withdrawing from the 3 integrated courses (EGR, MTH, and PHY).

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior you must discuss all of your academic issues (e.g., pre-registration for the upcoming semester, dropping and/or adding courses, withdrawing from courses) with your advisor.

Other Advising Resources