ECE Advising Handbook: Student's responsibilities

Each student is guaranteed access to an advisor for the entire school academic year (September 1 through May 31 of the following calendar year) and is required to meet at least once per semester with his/her advisor to plan and register for next semester's courses. It is ultimately the responsibility of thestudent to ensure that he or she meets all requirements for graduation.

To aid the student in this responsibility, the requirements for each major (computer or electrical engineering) are posted on the web. These include detailed program requirements, listed in a semester by semester basis, in the form of flowcharts (computer engineering or electrical engineering) that track prerequisites and/or co-requisites and regular program listings (computer engineering or electrical engineering).

Before an ECE student drops or adds a course or withdraws from a course he/she should fill out a Drop/Add/Withdraw Approval form and see his/her advisor.

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