Dual major in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering (BS Degree)

For students interested in pursuing a particularly challenging program of study, the option of a dual major is available. This program, which requires students to meet the obligations of both the Computer Engineering and the Electrical Engineering programs, is structured such that a student may complete it in four years. To accomplish the program in four years, at least one summer must be devoted to academic study.

The dual major prepares the student to meet a broad range of challenges in the ever-changing high-technology fields of both Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Students are also well prepared to pursue advanced study in either field. Engineering skills as well as a strong background in science and mathematics are imparted to students.

The program consists of a core of basic science and mathematical courses interwoven throughout the four years of study. The student also selects 18 credit hours in general education. Approximately 9 credits of general education courses must be completed during one or more summers in order to complete the program in four years. The senior year consists of a capstone design project course that allows the student to hone skills for a successful career. As with individual majors, a co-op experience is also available for qualified students in cooperation with regional industries.