Much of the engineering of the future will have "Bio" as part of the title: Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Biomimetics, Biomedical Devices, Biocomputing. Some of this is driven by medicine, some is driven by the need for machines that work better with people, like robots, some is a need for lighter, more efficient machines and some is a desire to move to a softer kind of technology.

At present there is a host of needs for new materials in medicine, for spinal implants, artificial hearts and joint replacements. Beyond that we can see a need for more active systems to replace failed pancreas's, kidneys and retinas. Then we must learn how to get nerves to talk to electronic devices so we can make fully functional artificial limbs and build better connections between brains and computers. If you look back at how much changed in the last 20 years, you will see that much of this will happen in the next 20.


Biomaterials (PDF)

Biomimetics (PDF)