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Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Graduate Program Director

Chancellor Professors


Associate Professors

Assistant Professors

Full Time Lecturers

  • David Kagan - Send Email
    Office: SENG Building 203 E, Tel: 508.910.6604

Part Time Lecturers

  • Ely Dorsey - Send Email
    Office: LIB-306, Tel: 508.999.8354

Adjunct Faculty

  • Lamar Bullock - Send Email
    Laser micro-machining and micro-fluidics.
  • Amala Mahadevan - Send Email
    Oceanography and climate, biogeochemical cycles in the ocean, ocean modeling, and computational mathematics.

Associated Faculty


Support Staff

  • Donna MacDougall  - Send Email
    Department Secretary
    Office: SENG Building, Room 203, Tel: 508.999.8354

Faculty Emeriti/ Retired





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