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Sonaljit Mukherjee

PhD student Sonaljit Mukherjee.


Sonaljit Mukherjee graduated with a masters (MTech) in the field of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 2009. Sonaljit is currently pursuing his PhD in the field of 'Atmospheric and Oceanic Systems Modeling’ from the School of Marine Science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. 

Current Research

Sonaljit's research focuses on upper ocean fluid flows of spatial scales on the order of 1-­‐10km. These flows arise because of instabilities due to lateral gradients in the mixed-­‐layer, and are also known as submesoscale flows. Modeling submesoscale flows is computationally expensive. Vertical mixing in the mixed-­‐layer plays an important role in submesoscale dynamics. Past research has considered using constant profiles of vertical mixing coefficients (or diffusivities), or estimating them as a product of turbulent velocity scale, turbulent length scale and an ad hoc cubic polynomial. However, vertical mixing is predominantly turbulent, and a comparatively less heuristic parameterization is necessary for computing them. Sonaljit's research is centered on an effective parameterization of turbulent vertical mixing based on second order closure in order to study submesoscale dynamics. This is done by coupling a modified 1-­‐dimensional, second order closure model to a 3-­‐dimensional process study model for resolving submesoscale flows. The 1-­‐dimensional model is modified by addressing irreversible components of shear and buoyancy production to the evolution of turbulent fluxes. 

Conferences and Poster Presentations

Mukherjee, S.; Ramachandran, S.; Tandon, A.; Mahadevan, A., 2012: “Submesoscale simulations using a new parameterization for turbulence closure”. Ocean Sciences Meeting 2012, Salt Lake City, Utah.

 Mukherjee, S.; Tandon, A,; Mahadevan, A., 2011: “Subgrid turbulence parameterization for submesoscale process studies”. Gordon Research Conferences, Mount Holyoke College, MA, 2011.

 Mukherjee, S.; Tandon, A.; Mahadevan, A., 2011: “Submesoscale simulations using second order turbulence closure model”. Workshop on 'Balance, Boundaries and Mixing', Centre de Researches Mathematiques, Montreal.