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Sudip Majumder


PhD student Sudip Majumder.


Sudip Majumder obtained his undergraduate  and masters degree in Physics from  Vidyasagar University,  India.   Later Sudip participated in a one year teachers training program (B.Ed) and began his career as a high school physics teacher (March, 2004 - December, 2007) in India wherein he demonstrated experiments and taught various courses such as Classical Mechanics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Waves and Optics, Modern Physics, Elementary electro-magnetic theory, Elementary fluid dynamics and Electronics.

Sudip obtained his second master degree in Physics from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2009 (concentrating mainly on Physical Oceanography) and currently pursuing his PhD in Physical Oceanography.

Current Research

Sudip's research interests include near-inertial and sub-inertial upper ocean dynamics.  Currently, he is working on mooring data sets to estimate the transition-layer thickness in the upper ocean. Using data for the Arabian Sea, Sudip has estimated various terms in the mixed-layer energy budget in response to the near-inertial surface forcing.

In parallel work, Sudip is also working on estimating the subsurface fields from the satellite altimetry. He is using mooring data and satellite measurements to help understand the relationship between interior and surface dynamics by utilizing surface-quasigeostrophic (SQG) theory as well as conventional normal-mode decomposition.

Conferences and Poster Presentations

Majumder, S., A. Tandon, D. L. Rudnick, A. Mahadevan, Feb. 22. 2012. Near-Inertial Kinetic Energy Distribution at the Arabian Sea Mooring. AGU Ocean Sciences, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Majumder, S., A. Tandon, D. L. Rudnick, Sept. 22. 2010. Near-Inertial Transition Layer Dynamics at the Arabian Sea Mooring. Physical Oceanography Student Meet, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

Majumder, S., A. Tandon, D. L. Rudnick, Feb. 24. 2010. Hourly to Weekly Transition Layer Variations at the Arabian Sea Mooring. AGU Ocean Sciences, Portland, Oregon.

Majumder, S., A. Tandon, June. 8. 2009. Transition Layer Characteristics at the Arabian Sea Mooring. GRC (Coastal Ocean Circulation), Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH.

Majumder, S., A. Tandon, D. L. Rudnick, Dec. 17. 2008. Probability density distributions and event based analyses of transition layers from Arabian Sea and Marine-Light Mixed Layer Mooring. AGU Fall Meeting, Sanfransisco, California.


Majumder  S,  A. Tandon, D. L. Rudnick, T. J. Farrar 2012. Transition Layer Characteristics and the Mixed Layer Near-Inertial Kinetic Energy Budget for the Arabian Sea Monsoon. To be submitted to the Journal of Physical Oceanography. (In preparation)