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Avijit Gangopadhyay, Ph.D.

Avijit GangopadhyayAssociate Professor in Physics

(Interim Chair, 2003-04)
School for Marine Science & Technology
Intercampus Graduate School of Marine Science & Technology

Contact information

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  • Phone:  508.999.8493
  • Fax:  508.999.9115
  • Office:  Group II - 204A

Areas of interest

  • Physical Oceanography
  • Ocean Modeling
  • Feature oriented regional modeling systems (FORMS)
  • Low frequency ocean atmosphere interaction
  • Multidisciplinary remotely sensed data synthesis


  • Ph.D. Oceanography - University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography - 1990
  • M.Tech. Applied Mechanics - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - 1981
  • B.Tech. Naval Architecture - Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur - 1979

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Research expertise

Dr. Gangopadhyay's research interests include feature-oriented regional modeling system development, theoretical and numerical modeling studies in the North Atlantic, basinscale modeling, the North Atlantic Oscillation and its low-frequency impact on the western North Atlantic, and multi-scale synthesis of concurrent satellite observations. He has published over 15 papers in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in books. He pioneered the development of multi-scale feature models for the Gulf Stream meander and ring region while at Harvard. A three-part publication appeared in the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, in November 1997 as "Circulation and Dynamics of the Western North Atlantic, I: Multiscale Feature Models"; "II: Dynamics of Meanders and Rings"; and "III: Forecasting the Meanders and Rings."

Recently, he extended this approach to the shallow coastal regions of the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, which was published in Continental Shelf Research (2003). The generalized approach to FORMS was recently published in a 2002 (Vol. 36) issue of Dynamics of Atmosphere and Oceans ("Feature Oriented Regional Modeling of Oceanic Fronts"). He has long-standing collaborative programs with the Harvard oceanography group, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Naval Research Laboratories at Stennis and at D.C.; and also with Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK. Current projects include grants ($300K+) from the Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation and the Intra America Institute. His present research includes development of FORMS for the shallow water regions of the California Current System and many other parts of the World Ocean.