Resources for Current Undergraduate Students

Academic Resources

Students seeking general information are welcome to make an appointment with Jennifer Murphy, COE's Academic Advisor. Jennifer is located in DION 319C. To schedule an appointment, call or email her at (508) 910-6959 or

Academic Calendar - All important dates and deadlines can be found here.

Academic Resource Center (ARC) - The ARC is a group of three resource centers on campus offering many different student support services including tutoring. Students can utilize the free tutoring services in the Science & Engineering Center (SENG 217B) for help with all of their math, science, and engineering courses and students needing help with English or writing courses can use the Writing and Reading Center (Liberal Arts 220A).

Career Development Center - The Career Development Center provides students and alumni with a wide array of career and employment related services such as finding a major, resume reviews, mock interviews, career panels, job fairs and more.

Center for Access and Success - The center offers many accommodations to students with disabilities so that all students receive equal educational opportunities. Eligibility for these services is determined individually based on documented need. These services can include extended time on exams and assignments, note taking, preferred seating, etc.

Claire T. Carney Library

Computing and Information Technology Services (CITS) - CITS is your starting point for IT services and support.

COIN (Corsairs On-line INformation) - COIN is the official means of university communication for student information such as course registration, grades, and financial aid information.

Counseling Center - The Counseling Center provides a range of services to help all students develop improved coping skills to address emotional, interpersonal and academic concerns. They also offer workshops and groups focusing on such issues as Stress Management (learn stress reduction techniques) and Academic Success (learn time management, study skills, test taking strategies, test anxiety and memory tricks).

Honors Program - The University Honors Program is part of the statewide Commonwealth Honors Program. The Honors Program is open to qualified undergraduate students from every college and academic department.

International Exchange Programs - The College of Engineering has several opportunities for students to internationalize their program of study. We have exchange agreements with the State of Hessen in Germany, the University of Messina, Messina (Sicily) Italy, and a developing program with Universidad Peruana De Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) Lima, Peru.

Recommended Compter System Specifications - These are just recommendations and will meet all the hardware needs of the students. Software needed for course work will be avaialble in respective computing labs.

Scholarship Opportunities - The College of Engineering awards multiple scholarships every year to deserving undergraduate students. Some are merit (academic) based, others are need (financial) based but all are easy to apply for. Submit one complete application and you will automatically be considered for each and every award for which you are eligible.

Study Abroad/Student Exchange - Studying abroad is a great way to learn a new language, experience a new culture, and most importantly learn about yourself.

Undergraduate Catalog - The undergraduate catalog is the official source of information about the undergraduate program, its approved courses and associated policies and procedures. Students should reference the catalog when seeking information on such policies such as academic sanctions, grades and course repeats, degree and graduation requirements, etc.   


Academic Records FERPA Waiver  - The Family Educational Rights and Policy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the confidentiality of students' educational records. It outlines which records can and cannot be shared and with whom. If a parent or guardian calls the University to discuss your educational records, the university cannot share that information unless a signed FERPA waiver is on file with the Registrar's Office.

Change of Major  - Students looking to change their major within Engineering or looking to change into Engineering should use this form. Students should obtain the Chairperson's signature of the entering department first, then the signature of the leaving department before obtaining the Dean's signature.

Course Overload Form  - Students looking to enroll in more than 18 credits in a semester must first obtain approval from the Associate Dean in the College of Engineering.

Directed Study

Independent Study 

Prior Approval for a Transfer Course - Students planning on taking courses at another institution and transferring them to UMass Dartmouth should obtain approval from their major department and Dean before taking the class. Remember, transfer courses do NOT replace a UMass grade in your GPA so any course you are looking to retake should be completed at UMass Dartmouth.


College of Engineering Intra-University Transfer Standards