Scholarship Opportunities

COE Scholarships At a Glance

Current submission deadline: March 15, 2017

You can earn and learn ...

  • COE has many scholarships to award
  • Some are merit-based and some are need-based
  • Others have additional qualifying factors such as: female xxx major; lives in xxxx city; must be a freshman/sophomore/junior, etc.
  • Students submit one application and will be considered for each and every award they qualify for
  • Students are notified sometime in May if they were awarded a scholarship
  • Each scholarship has a different award amount and those amounts are not confirmed until the Foundation Office receives official financial statement from Boston sometime in May.

How are they picked?

  • A COE Scholarship Committee consisting of one faculty member per department is formed to review all applications and agree on a recipient or recipients.

Why does it take so long to decide?

  • Information has to be gathered from several sources, such as the Registrar's Office and Financial Aid and then the Committee starts their work! Once a decision is made, distribution sheets are prepared and sent to the Foundation Office for their approval and release of funds and award recipients are notified by letter.