Academic Advising

The goal of advising in the College of Engineering is to ensure close contact between students and their faculty advisors. Specifically, the COE advising procedures are aimed at early intervention for students in academic trouble through increased monitoring of student performance and welfare. Through these efforts we intend to enhance retention of undergraduate students in programs within the college.

Who is my Faculty Academic Advisor?

Each department has its own method of assigning faculty advisors that best suits the needs of their students. Students can find the name of their faculty advisor by logging in to their COIN account. Students will find attractive displays at each department office that present photographs of all faculty and staff, along with their office numbers. Lists of faculty advisors are also displayed for student information. Students who are Engineering Undecided are advised by the CoE's Academic Advisor (Jennifer Murphy) or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. 

Departments and faculty advisors maintain folders on all advisees that typically contain the following information:

  • Updated curriculum check list
  • Student academic check/progress list
  • Add/Drop information
  • Withdrawal information
  • General education check list
  • Check list on incomplete courses and prerequisites.

As part of the early intervention process, at mid-semester freshman instructors inform the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who in turn notifies the department chairs and appropriate advisors, about students in academic trouble. Students needing extra help will be advised to contact the Science and Engineering Center, the Math/Business Center, the Writing/Reading Center, or the Counseling Center, as needed. Some students may also be advised to spend less time on off-campus jobs.

Course Registration

No student will be allowed to register for courses without first meeting with his/her faculty advisor. The College of Engineering uses a computerized method for enrolling students in courses for the next semester. Registration typically takes place in the advisor's office, eliminating the typical long lines at Student Enrollment. In some cases, an advisor may allow a student to register themselves after reviewing and approving the student's selection of courses.

It is important for students to be sure that they have met all university obligations before seeing their advisors. For example, any outstanding university debts will preclude a student from becoming registered for the next semester. Furthermore, it is necessary for students to have successfully completed specific prerequisite courses prior to registration. A student will be allowed to register for a course that has as a prerequisite one of the courses currently being taken. However, if the student fails the prerequisite, he/she will need to drop the subsequent course.

Any time that a student wishes to add/drop/withdraw from a course, he/she must first meet with his/her faculty advisor to get authorization for the change.

FAQs regarding Academic Advising

Please read through our FAQ‌ (word) for more information regarding academic advising guidelines and procedures within the College of Engineering. If your question is not answered or you need more information, contact Jennifer Murphy or call (508) 910-6959.