About Us

EWB was established at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in February 2010 by Keith Jones, Robert Luchini, and Dhruv Patel. Through the help of their advisor Jane Staples they have started what could be a great partnership with the University.

Starting with the project Kenya prototype helping the Boston Professionals Chapter, we learned invaluable skills on how EWB works. Over the next year we dove into small projects that touched on solar energy and water testing.

We have also hosted a very successful Massachusetts region conference hosted by Julie Gagnon from the EWB Boston Professionals and Dr. Sengupta or UMD speaking on general water testing in foreign countries.

In June of 2011 we received our first project in the Bocas Del Toro region of panama, in the town of Valle Las Perlas.

Our first trip took place in the Spring of 2012, where initial assessments were made at the project site, and in May of 2013 a second assessment trip was taken where students collected topographical data via a land survey.

Students from UMass Dartmouth as well as their professional mentor are currently considering design alternatives for the project which will be partially implemented in the following trip.