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Success By Degree Scholarship Program

UMass Dartmouth's University Extension will award qualified Massachusetts community college graduates (with a minimum GPA of 3.0) a scholarship equal to a 33% tuition waiver for each course taken to complete a bachelor's degree through University Extension. Full-time or part-time University Extension students are able to take on campus, online, blended, and weekend courses year-round during fall, winter, spring, and summer sessions. Learn more about the Success by Degrees Scholarship Program.

UMD Teacher Transition Scholarship

Responding to local and regional budget cutbacks, University Extension has partnered with the School of Education, Public Policy and Civic Engagement in announcing a scholarship opportunity for recently laid-off K-12 teachers. This scholarship responds to the rising unemployment rate and layoffs in the K-12 teaching profession, providing laid-off teachers access to professional and educational opportunities during their transition.

Teachers are required to bring a copy of the letter notifying them of their change in teaching status at the time of registration each semester. The UMD Teacher Transition Scholarship can be applied to most University Extension courses. Please read the Scholarship Exception Policy below.

Scholarship Exception Policy:

University Extension Scholarships cannot be applied to grant-funded, specially priced programs, international programs, independent study, directed study, technology fees, contract learning, and non-credit courses. In addition, University Extension Scholarships cannot be combined with any waivers.

Scholarships based on merit or need, can be found through the office of Financial Aid.

Scholarships are available at all UMass campuses: www.massachusetts.edu/scholarships/search.cfm

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You can make a difference to a continuing education student with your donation. Perhaps you had a positive UMass Dartmouth experience (small classes, caring faculty, and intellectual conversations with your peers) and you would like to see a future student have that same opportunity. Your donation can make a difference in a student's life. Please designate on your check or in a note what your intentions are, that you wish to make a gift for a University Extension student.

We are grateful for your donation and thank you for helping continuing education students achieve their goals.

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