Admissions Committee

2009- 2010 Members

I. Valova, Engineering - ’12
L. Brodeur, Science - ’12
H. Xu, Engineering- ‘11
B. Barnes, Library - ’11
E. Carreiro*, Science - ’11
N. Budinsky, Science - ’12
Y. Magrass, Social Science- ‘12
J. Schaaf, Humanities- ‘10
K. Christopher, Nursing- ‘11
TBD Admin. Liaison
4 students appointed by the Student Senate

Reports December 2009

Committee Charge: Admissions Committee

General task - Interpret various admissions data sets for report to Faculty Senate. Survey and evaluate first-year retention efforts by college.

All committees need to look at whether their charges are appropriate, whether they should continue to exist in their current form, and develop, if appropriate, recommendations for modifications to their original charge.

2008-09 Tasks

  • Find areas of common concern where interfacing with the new Enrollment and Management Team would enhance the committee’s productivity. Don Honeman is collaborating actively with the committee, as is the Director of Admissions.
  • Discuss support services available for first-generation college students?
  • Discuss support services available for transfer students (e.g. library orientation).

Reports to Faculty Senate: December 2008