Cultural Affairs Committee

2009-2010 Members

C. Krueger, Social Science - '10
B. Ram Singh, Engineering - '12
E. Richardson, Social Science - '12
J. Marlow, Humanities - '12
J. Farrar, Library - '12
A. Akindayomi, Business- '10
S. Ladd*, CVPA- '10
F. Sousa, Humanities- '11
D. Milstone or designate, Admin. Liaison
5 students appointed by the Student Senate

Reports November 2010

Committee Charge

Develop campus and community cultural events. Report on Funding time line and consistency.

Cultural Affairs Committee Report to the Provost, April 28, 2009


Cultural Affairs/Student Activities Committee Meeting Minutes

Cultural Affairs Update from Chair - May 2008

Dear committee members,

After a meeting with Jean Kim and David Milstone, they have agreed to match the Provost's contribution of $15,000 for the next academic year. That amounts to $30,000 more than we had last year. Moreover, both academic affairs and student affairs have promised to look into the imbroglio that is scheduling the auditorium. That problem may be fixed by next year, returning to a condition that was normal in 2001.

In the meantime I have secured four Thurdays and Fridays in the fall semester.

With your approval, I will continue trying to schedule Shakespeare and Co for the fall semester. Akim, if you will contact your friend the Nobel laureate for a possible visit, and if the rest of you will begin to look about for performances that will be attended by students at UMD next year, we can look forward to a genuine year of cultural activity. We will meet early in the fall to schedule events for the spring semester.

Jim Marlow

September 29, 2005

Present: Dario Borim, Lisa Knauer, and Elizabeth Correiro

Absent: C. Chen, M. Santow, J. Riley, Sri Reddy, and Annie Ryan.

1. Election of Chairperson, secretary, and selection of webmaster

  • Chairperson: Lisa Knauer
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Correiro
  • Webmaster: Dario Borim

2. Review of current charge for the 2005-06 academic year as set forth by the Faculty Senate Charge

  • As we bring more and more students into residential housing, it is important that we first evaluate what is being done to provide student activities and to determine what additions/changes/deletions in this program will be appropriate in the future. Thus, we would ask that you survey the students concerning activities for both residence hall students and the general community. What policies and procedures concerning these activities are needed?

3. Discussion of initial plan to meet the requirements of the charge

  • A contact list of individuals/groups was compiled that we thought would be helpful in developing and disseminating our survey to the UMD community. The list of contacts below was divided among the three CAC members present at today’s meeting. All will report back with findings at the next CAC meeting.
  • Nora Barnes, Center for Business Research: Develop a survey instrument
  • Norman Barber, First Year Experience
  • Jamie Jacquart, Director of Student Organization: Obtain a list of student organizations and discuss the best way to contact them.
  • Susan Leclair, President, Faculty Senate: Request CVPA faculty member on CAC
  • Matthew Roy, Past chair, CAC: Meet to discuss CAC affairs form 2004-05.
  • Julie Parker, Women’s Resource Center: Contact for reaching students

4. Other information needed

  • Are there funds available to the CAC for the 2005-06 academic year?
  • ULEPAC- What comes under this committee and how does the CAC fit into it?

5. Next CAC Meeting: Thursday, October 13 at 0900

  • We will look at constructing a survey and a plan of action to get it out to the UMD community. Please make every effort to attend this meeting!

Respectfully submitted,
Elizabeth E. Correiro