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Institutional Review Board

4 faculty and 1 alternate appointed by the Senate and 4 faculty and 1 public member appointed by the Chancellor.

*appointed by the Faculty Senate.

Terms expire Sept 30th. Reports to Senate as needed.

2009-2010 Members

M. Asselin, Nursing - '11
K. Sethares, Nursing – '10
R. Robinson, Soc. Science - '09
J. Mulnix, Humanities, '11
B. Haimson - Convener, Social Science - '11
C. Matsumoto, Public Member - '10
C. Neto, Science - '11
F. Scarano*, Science - '12
D. S. White, Business - '10
T. Boone*, Social Science - '11 alternate
M. Plaud, Admin. Liaison