Welcome to FAMIS work order request

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System Hours:

FAMIS is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. The system may be unavailable for maintenance during some weekends.


The most recent versions of Firefox and Chrome are not currently compatible with FAMIS. Please use Internet Explorer or Safari as your browser.


What is FAMIS?

FAMIS Work Order Request is a self-service tool which allows users to make requests for repairs or services needed from the Facilities Department.

Emergencies should still be reported directly to the Facilities Office by calling x8100.

FAMIS Work Order Request allows you to:

  • enter information regarding the service you require from Facilities quickly and accurately
  • track work orders and check their status
  • save paper and continue to support the campus mission to become "green"

How FAMIS works

  • Enter all pertinent information regarding your request for Facilities services.

  • Populate the Requestor fields with your name and email address via your UMassD logon (same as email username and password).

  • Reviews requests immediately and allows tracking by the user.

  • Entry of information is efficient and consistent; services are grouped by type.

Logging into the appropriate group

  • Main Campus and Off-Campus Buildings includes all academic buildings inside Ring Road, the Athletic Facilities, the Law School and SMAST.
  • Residential Buildings includes all Residence Halls and all offices housed within these buildings.

See FAQs for specific information.

Need Help?

Use the Job Aid and FAQs to answer questions about FAMIS. Any specific questions should be directed to the Facilities Department at x8100.

Questions regarding logging in or problems with logging in should be directed to the IT Service Center at x8790.

Security Note

To end your session with FAMIS Work Order Request, you must close the browser window. Do not use the links to Logout and Change Password within the FAMIS Work Order Request system. Your password is tied to your UMassD logon (same as email logon); therefore, your password changes should be made within that environment. To fully Logout of FAMIS, close your browser window entirely.

Login to FAMIS Work Order Request: Main Campus and Off-Campus Buildings

Login to FAMIS Work Order Request: Residential Buildings