Frequently asked questions

Did you land on this page after trying to log into FAMIS?

Individuals who land on this page after trying to log in need to have security access granted. Contact Access Management at x8532 in order for your security to be activated.

There are two separate logins. Which one should I use?

The Department of Facilities is now one office which manages both the main campus buildings, as well as the Residence Halls, the Law School and SMAST. The campus areas are divided into two groups. The main campus includes all the academic buildings inside Ring Road, as well as the Athletic Department, the Department of Public Safety, the Law School and SMAST. The Residence Halls include all rooms where students reside, as well as offices which are housed in the Residence Halls buildings.

These offices are:

  • Birch Grill
  • Center for Access and Success
  • Department of Public Safety Annex
  • Health Services
  • Health Peer Services
  • Honors
  • Housing Office
  • International Student Center
  • Maple Ridge Grill
  • Oak Glen Grill
  • Office of Residential Life

Use the appropriate link, depending on your campus location.

How do I log on to FAMIS Work Order Request?

In order to login to FAMIS, click the appropriate link on the top right-hand side of this page. You will be brought to a UMass Dartmouth login page. Enter your UMassD logon (same as your email) and log a Work Order Request. Questions regarding logging in or issues with logging in should be directed to the IT Service Center at x8790.

How do I log out of FAMIS Work Order Request?

Do not use the Logout feature within FAMIS! This will not log you out of the system. You must close your browser window completely in order to log out of FAMIS. See the Job Aid for more specific information.

How do I change my password?

Your password is your UMassD logon (same as your email logon). You can by going to Information regarding your password and the standards required may be found at

I'm not sure how to fill in all the information on the Work Request. What do I do?

Use the Job Aid to help guide you through the process. The most common types of requests have already been categorized for your convenience. Specific questions may be directed to the Facilities Department at x8100.