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 Carolyn McQuillan '15: Internship in graphic design

Last summer, Carolyn McQuillan ’15 worked as a graphic design intern at Liberty Mutual Insurance (LMI) in Hopkinton, MA, joining the Web & Communications team in the Risk Control Services department.

She assisted the team's senior graphics specialist and web content developer in producing graphics for internal and external websites and supporting other department staff. Her primary objective was to help the department meet its deadlines for a rebranding initiative.

Attention to content, branding, and overall design

Carolyn explained that Liberty Mutual issues safety guides for each industry they support. As safety practices and customer needs change, the reference notes must be reviewed and revised for both content and branding.

"That's where I came in," said Carolyn. "My job included re-formatting more than 500 past Reference Notes and Self-Inspection Checklists; setting more than 100 new text requests into the correct templates; utilizing LMI's extensive photo library; and creating my own graphics and diagrams to support the operation."

My internship opened my eyes to how graphic design is key to building trust and loyalty in a brand, which is applicable to all different kinds of businesses.

A graphic designer's perspective

Carolyn also made two presentations to relay her accomplishments and progress on the project timeline. The first presentation was to the department, while the second, near the end of her internship, was to senior management at LMI's corporate office in Boston.

"The purpose of these meetings was to ensure that we reached our goals and deadlines with optimal quality—because when everyone is on the same page, there are fewer things that fall through the cracks," Carolyn said.

"Besides giving me experience with speaking in front of a group and being comfortable suggesting new ideas, I enjoyed giving my presentations because I was able to present my material the way that I wanted to," she added. "Being a graphics person, my presentation was different from other people's because it was very visual and animated. My co-workers had great feedback, and sparked new ideas for future developments."

Improved understanding of the graphic design field

Carolyn's internship provided her a glimpse into a career in graphic design. She now has a clearer understanding of the career and more confident in her choice.

"Along with being challenged and sharpening my skills as a designer, my internship opened my eyes to how graphic design is key to building trust and loyalty in a brand, which is applicable to all different kinds of businesses," Carolyn said.

"Because of the receptiveness to what I presented, I left my internship confident that the ideas I contributed and work I did would not be forgotten."

Carolyn's work ethic and skills in graphic design left an impression on LMI. At the end of her tenure, she was offered the chance to return as a second-year graphic design intern. Her responsiblities will include working with the graphic teams for Corporate Communications and Commerical Insurance Marketing in Boston. 

Encouraging others to intern

Among the opportunities LMI provides, Carolyn noted their Responsible Scholars program, which hosts a social media platform for connecting summer interns from across the U.S. and weekly webinars about sponsorships, skill development, and different departments within the company. She feels the company strives to help interns discover a future career with Liberty Mutual.

It is because of the well-organized internship program that Carolyn feels the company, ranked #84 on the Fortune 100 list, was a good fit for her.

"I felt very comfortable, immersed, and valued working for Liberty Mutual Insurance, and I encourage others to pursue an internship in any department with this strong, innovative company," she said.

To see more of Carolyn McQuillan's graphic design work from Liberty Mutual Insurance, visit www.carolynmcquillan.webs.com /liberty-mutual-internship