Women's sailing team tacks toward success

Sailing jan  2014 Women's sailing is a new sport at UMass Dartmouth, with the team having completed its first season on the water in spring 2012. Team members are gaining recognition on campus for their hard work and spirit of determination.

"Our schedule is very demanding, the work ethic is unparalleled in my history of coaching, and as we improve, we hope for increasing competitive success," said coach Jerry Jennings.

Athletes committed to becoming sailors

Jennings noted that a number of team members started out knowing very little about sailing. The more experienced members have been eager to work with athletes who are willing to learn.

"We selected the team based not only on sailing, but also on athleticism. As a consequence, we have people who are just learning how to sail and have done astoundingly well in their development," said Jennings.

Marketing major Emily Dorion '15 joined the sailing team with little experience and worked her way up to become a team captain.

"If you feel a little intimidated by not knowing too much about the sport, don't be," she said.

The best moment: clicking with your crew

Co-captain Maggie McDonald '14, a civil engineering major, credits the Corsairs' success as a team with being able to work together.

"The best moment I've ever had on the sailing team is when you click with the crew in your boat and are able to sail really well together. Nothing beats being on the same page and being able to focus on the race at hand," she said.

To anyone who asks about joining the sailing team, I would tell them that it is an amazing experience and a great way to try something new.

- Emily Dorion '15

A member of the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association, the Corsairs have continued to improve with every outing while sailing against nationally ranked teams.

"As our program grows, we're looking for increased success, and we're very thankful to have the Community Boating Center of New Bedford as a partner," Jennings said.

"We're using their facilities, and they have been 100 percent supportive of our team."

Before being tapped as coach of the sailing team, Jennings coached UMass Dartmouth's swimming and diving team as well as women's lacrosse.

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