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Committee for Women

Ling Lin Accounting and Finance Business   May 2016
Iren Valova Computer Information Science Engineering May 2014
Cristina Mehrtens History Humanities  May 2014
Mary McCurry Community Nursing Nursing May 2016
Karen Rezendes Medical Laboratory Science Science May 2016
Shawna Sweeney Public Policy SEPPCE May 2014
Lisa Knauer Sociology/Anthropology Social Science May 2015
Memory Holloway Art History Visual and Performing Arts May 2015
Cynthia Pilskaln Estuarine & Ocean Science SMAST May 2015
Justine Dunlap Law School Law School May 2016
Sonia Pacheco Librarian Library May 2014
Wendy Malenfant Professional Technician Professional Technician May 2016
Gina Reis Portuguese Center ESU May 2015





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