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University Curriculum Committee

Ling Lin Accounting/Finance Business May 2015
Liudong Xing Electrical & Computer Engineering Engineering May 2015
Judy Schaaf English Humanities May 2015
Marilyn Asselin Adult & Child Nursing Nursing May 2015
Gary Davis Mathematics Science May 2015
Chad McGuire Public Policy SEPPCE May 2015
Miles Sundermeyer Estuarine & Ocean Science SMAST May 2015
Avery Plaw Political Science Social Science May 2015
Laura Franz Design Visual & Performing Arts May 2015
Michael Hillinger School of Law School of Law May 2015
Jia Wu Accounting/Finance Business May 2016
Raymond Laoulache Mechanical Engineering Engineering May 2016
Christopher Larkosh Portuguese Humanities May 2014
Kerry Fater Adult & Child Nursing Nursing May 2014
Donald Boerth Chemistry and Biochemistry Science May 2014
Mark Paige Educational Leadership SEPPCE May 2014
Shannon Jenkins  Political Science Social Science May 2014
Spencer Ladd Design Visual & Performing Arts May 2014
Sonia Pacheco Librarian Library May 2016
Irene Scharf School of Law School of Law May 2014





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