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University Studies Committee

Timothy Shea Decision/Information Science  Business May 2015
Philip Viall Electrical and Computer Engineering Engineering May 2015
Christopher Eisenhart English Humanities May 2015
Susan Hunter Revell Adult and Child Nursing Nursing May 2015
Bal Ram Singh Chemistry/Biochemistry Science May 2015
Robert Darst Political Science Social Science May 2015
Sarah Malakoff Design  Visual & Performing Arts May 2015
Kathleen Suchon Management/Marketing Business May 2014
Shanka Bhomick Mechanical Engineering Engineering May 2014
Matthew Sneider History Humanities May 2014
Ruth Griffin Community Nursing Nursing May 2014
Frank Scarano Medical Laboratory Science Science May 2014
Doug Roscoe Political Science Social Science May 2014
Janine Wong Design Visual & Performing Arts May 2014

(*) Chairperson





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