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 Land and Building Committee

The Land and Building Committee was established in Spring 2008 as part of the Chancellor’s Strategic Plan. The Committee will consider standards for, new building design renovations, campus site elements (hard and softscapes) and site furnishings (seating, lighting, outdoor dining furniture, plantings, etc.) Environmental sustainability elements will also be considered as part of our overall approach. Some of the areas we will consider are:

Exterior Areas of Interest

  • Arboretum / Entrance Garden
  • Gathering Places
  • Plazas and Courtyards
  • Softcape/Landscape
  • Views and Vistas
  • Security/Safety

Master Plan Recommendations

  • Architectural Standards
  • Site and Landscape

Alternative Transportation / Pedestrian

  • Bicycle Circulation
  • Pedestrians Movement

Greening of the Campus

  • Reversion to natural vegetation
  • Plantings
  • Furnishing
  • Wind turbines

Signage and Wayfinding

  • Parking Lots to Buildings
  • Building Entrance Identification


  • A.D.A. Issues


  • Vehicles on the Inner Campus
  • Functions
  • Sodexho Involvement (outside food venues)

Specific Elements

  • Concrete Pavement (Pedestrian)
  • Bituminous Concrete Pavement
  • Crosswalks
  • Bench
  • Sculpture / Artwork / Color
  • Waste and Recycle Bin
  • Ash Receptacle
  • Bicycle Rack
  • Table and Chair / Picnic Table
  • Fencing
  • Planters
  • Site Lighting


This is a unique opportunity to shape both the near-term and long-range future of our campus’s overall experience.

The Committee Membership:

Peter Gagnon - FPDC Committee Chair
Liz Bender - FPDC
John Hoey - Chancellors Office
Joe DeMedeiros - Advancement Office
Rachel Cocroft - Publications
Susan Jennings - Sustainability Center
Mark Carney - Plant Operation
Jim Sears - Landscape Consultant
Janine Wong - CVPA Design
Cristina Mehrtens - History
Anna Dempsey - CVPA Art History
Steve Briggs - Admissions
Derek Costa - Student Life
Victor Culatta - Housing/Res Life
Gerard Koot - History Department
Michael Baum - Political Science
Joseph Nees - Student
Nancy Vanasse - PCE
Adrian R. Tio - Dean CVPA
Jamie Jacquart - Student Activities
Stephanie Gibson - Student Activities
Rose Ferro - Grad Student
Chris Larkosh - Portuguese Studies
Lasse Antonsen - CVPA
Fred Gifun - Chancellor's Office

The Committee’s charge is to reach a consensus and to recommend aesthetic standards for buildings, renovations and landscaping. We expect to have an interim report for distribution and feedback by August 2008. Our final report should be presented to the Chancellor by September 2008. After the final report, the Committee will continue to meet twice a year to share any concerns and to update ourselves on progress to date.

If you would like to submit constructive suggestions to the committee on strategies to improve the appearance or sustainability of the campus, please email your ideas to pgagnon@umassd.edu