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Gerontology Certificate & Minor

The third objective of the Education area of our mission is to recommend courses on aging or on age-related topics currently available at UMass Dartmouth.

Since courses are offered predominantly in the daytime and are not necessarily available every year, programs of study require careful planning and consultation with the Director of the Gerontology Center.

Gerontology Certificate Program and Gerontology Minor

 Picture of Gerontology Certificate


  UMass Dartmouth offers a Certificate in Gerontology,
  which includes a practicum. The program is open to
  students and community members, whether or not they
  are university degree candidates.





The Gerontology Minor is designed for degree candidates from any college in the university who want to specialize in the gerontological aspects of their discipline or to understand the aging process more fully.


Certificate (8 courses including practicum; 3 credits each); Minor (6 courses; 3 credits each)

All courses are interdisciplinary in nature and are offered in collaboration with various colleges and departments across the campus. 

Course Descriptions are available in COIN or in the UMass Dartmouth catalog. [Dr. Andrew Revell and other faculty with course prerequisites for "majors only" can be waived for otherwise qualifying students. Please contact the course instructor in those cases.]

Required and Elective Course offerings for the Fall 2013 semester are available from the Gerontology Center Office.

For general questions, please contact us at: healthyaging@umassd.edu. If you would like to complete the Minor in Gerontology, please fill out this form and send it to us.





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