First Year Living Learning Communities

Image First Year LLC

All first-year students who live on campus for the 2015-2016 academic year will be a part of a first year residential community

Each of our four traditional halls in the Freshmen Quad is a specially themed First Year Living Learning Community.

Each community's focus will be determined by student interest.

What is a First Year Living Learning Community (FY LLC)?

A First Year Living Community (FY LLC) is a residential clustering of students who share academic or social and cultural interests. Students participate in various group activities, such as interactions with faculty, service projects, field trips, and social events.

FY LLC Learning Objectives

  • Students will connect socially and academically within the residential areas with each other throughout the academic year.
  • Students will connect socially and academically within the residential areas with faculty and staff throughout the academic year.
  • Students will get to know and interact with a cohort of students who share a common academic major or area of interest in a residential learning community
  • Students will engage in inclusive communities where respect for diversity of ideas and backgrounds exist
  • Students will participate in a broad range of programs that are geared toward community and civic engagement
  • Students will develop skills to assist them in their transition from matriculation to graduation

FY LLC options for 2015-2016

All first-year students will be able to set a preference for the living-learning community they want when they sign a housing contract. These descriptions will also be in the contract template.

Reach Out Community

Students interested in engaging in community service and civic engagement, including those with a passion for social justice. Intentional programs and opportunities will be offered for students to get involved and connected within their hall and campus community.


The Mosaic community will be a floor engaged in exploring issues of diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Students will explore other cultures and how they fit into a diversity society.  Students will be connected with Faculty, Staff, and student organizations related to furthering Social Justice (e.g. Frederick Douglas Unity House, CWGS, Live Well, Crime and Justice, Sociology, etc.). Programming will be focused on exploring social justice issues and learning more about resources on campus.


The Impact community will be a floor focused on civic engagement and community service.  Intentional programs and opportunities will be offered to get students involved, connected, and make an impact together.  Students will work closely with the Leduc Center.  Creating opportunities for fellow classmates to connect together in their hall or around campus, this group of students will collaborate to develop one program or event which will bring the class of 2019 together in addition to working closely with the Hall Council of Elmwood Hall. 

Leadership Community

Students interested in living, learning, and engaging in leadership will work with each other to understand their own leadership styles and how to become more connected in their community and the campus.  Students will work closely with the Student Government Association, the Residential Student Association, and the SAIL office.  Students will be given encourage to participate in the Chestnut Hall Council and serve on committees. 

Creative Minds                                                                                      

The Creative Minds community is open to all students interested in the creative arts and will work closely with the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) for programming opportunities, and also work with the Art Educators Association (AEA) for leadership opportunities in the community.  Students will be given opportunities to see UMassD/Community engaged in action, develop connections to the South Coast Region, and demonstrate leadership.  

Business Savvy                                                                             

The Business Savvy community is open to business students who are interested in connecting with members of the Charlton College of Business (CCB) Faculty, and involvement with DECA for student leadership opportunities.  Students will be introduced to CCB Faculty before they are typically in the classroom usually in one’s Sophomore or Junior Year).  Programming will be focused on defining a leader in business as one with deep community involvement and social/environmental responsibility as evident in the University’s and Region’s vision to become a center of sustainability and civic engagement.

Cornerstone Community

Students living in our Cornerstone community are interested in fostering an academic achievement environment by engaging with each other, and with faculty and staff.  Students will attend intentional programs related to their specific majors, academic success, and advising.  Students will be encouraged to make connections with campus groups and activities.  


The Pulse community is for students enrolled in our health, pre-health and medical science programs (College of Nursing, MLS, pre-med, bio-engineering, etc.).  Students in the Pulse community will have opportunities to meet faculty outside the classroom, and work with advisors related to their field of study.  Programs will be directed toward student success in health and medical related fields of study through student engagement and connections.


Students living in the Aspire community have a strong dedication to pursuing an academically challenging and engaging experience throughout their first year at UMass Dartmouth.  Directed for our students in the Honors Program and our Endeavor Scholars, programming will be focused on academic success, leadership, and community service.   


Engineering students (Mechanical/Electrical/Civil/ Bio-Engineering) call the Blueprint community their home as they seek support from like-minded residents, faculty, and staff engaged in one of UMass Dartmouth's largest and most academically challenging colleges.  Programs will include RA/Faculty programming, and engineering advising sessions.

Global Perspectives                                                                             

The Global Perspectives community is a place for our NAVITAS students and others with international affinity or interest including study abroad. Students will live and learn alongside a multitude of different experiences, cultures, and interests as they apply knowledge of the world to their work here at UMass Dartmouth.  The community will work with the NAVITAS Office, the International Students & Scholar Center, and the International Programs Office to host building-wide cultural programs and highlight current events.

Healthy Living, Healthy World Community

Students living in our Healthy Living, Healthy World community are interested in learning about healthy lifestyles, including a shared interest in food science and nutrition, fitness, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as understanding the bigger world and issues related to sustainability.  Students will work on finding balance, developing life skills to thrive, and learn about sustainability. Students will be encouraged to make connections with campus groups and activities.  


Within the Healthy Living Hall, the Footprint Community will explore issues and participate in programs related to sustainability on campus and in our world.  Programs may include activities with our Green Navigators to explore issues of sustainability, our carbon footprint, and community service. 

Substance Awareness                                                                

The Substance Awareness community accommodates students who desire a substance free environment based on health, life experience, or personal/family circumstance. Students wishing to live in this environment agree not to consume alcohol, use illicit drugs or introduce any harmful substances into the designated environment. 

Quiet Living                                                       

The Quiet Living option is a place for residents who are most comfortable with a quiet lifestyle beyond that provided by established quiet and courtesy hours in other residence halls.  Here, residents maintain a quiet living atmosphere 24 hour a day, Sunday through Thursday.  Other hours are established for the weekend.