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 First Year Living Learning Communities

Image First Year LLC

All first-year students who live on campus for the 2014-2015 academic year will be a part of a first year residential community

Each of our four traditional halls in the Freshmen Quad is a specially themed First Year Living Learning Community.

Each community's focus will be determined by student interest.

What is a First Year Living Learning Community (FY LLC)?

A First Year Living Community (FY LLC) is a residential clustering of students who share academic or social and cultural interests. Students participate in various group activities, such as interactions with faculty, service projects, field trips, and social events.

FY LLC Learning Objectives

  • Students will connect socially and academically within the residential areas with each other throughout the academic year.
  • Students will connect socially and academically within the residential areas with faculty and staff throughout the academic year.
  • Students will get to know and interact with a cohort of students who share a common academic major or area of interest in a residential learning community
  • Students will engage in inclusive communities where respect for diversity of ideas and backgrounds exist
  • Students will participate in a broad range of programs that are geared toward community and civic engagement
  • Students will develop skills to assist them in their transition from matriculation to graduation

FY LLC options for 2014-2015

All first-year students who choose to live in the residence halls will rank the following four themes on their Housing Preference Form, using a rating system of 1-4 (1 is their top choice). We will use this information to make housing assignments and will do our best to place students with their top choices. Students who do not submit their theme rankings will be assigned randomly.

 Image Cornerstone 

Cornerstone FY LLC
Students enrolled in Engineering, Nursing, Honors, and our Endeavor Scholars, who are interested in living with other students from these academic programs. Focus is on fostering high levels of academic achievement.

 Image Healthy Living

Healthy Living FY LLC
Students interested in living and learning about healthy lifestyles, including a shared interest in food science and nutrition, fitness, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Sustainability floor for interested students.


Leadership FY LLC
Students interested in exploring and learning more about both academic and student leadership. Opportunities will include speakers and leadership certificate programs. Specialty floors for Business students, Engineering Students, and students interested in Studio Arts.

 Image Reach Out 

Reach Out FY LLC
Students interested in living, learning, and engaging in community service opportunities and service-learning academic opportunities—as well as students interested in civic education. Crime & Justice floor for interested students.


Additional options

Quiet Housing Living Option (Healthy Living FY LLC only)
This housing option creates an environment conducive to a quiet lifestyle. Residents maintain a quiet living atmosphere 24 hours a day, Sunday through Thursday. Non-quiet hours are established for the weekend.

Substance Awareness Housing (Healthy Living FY LLC only)
This housing theme accommodates students who desire a substance-free environment. Many students electing this type of housing practice a substance-free lifestyle, are recovering from substance abuse, or have been adversely affected by substance abuse. Students wishing to live in this community agree not to consume alcohol, use illicit drugs, or introduce any harmful substances into the designated environment.

Admissions Tour Housing (Cornerstone FY LLC only)
This housing option offers students an opportunity to provide valuable assistance to the Admissions Office. Students electing this type of housing will have their suite—including the shared bathroom—available for tour groups to visit throughout the semester. The Admissions Office will have access to one vacant room within the suite and will show this room on campus tours while also highlighting the suite-style arrangement. Participating students will be asked to maintain a heightened standard of suite cleanliness.

The Admissions Office may occasionally seek additional assistance from students if they would like to receive compensation to work specified Admissions events during the school year.