What to bring

Permitted furnishings and items

  • audio/video equipment
  • computers
  • extension cords (must be: UL listed, heavy duty with a ground wire and three prong plug)
  • fans
  • hair dryers
  • irons (preferably self-shut off)
  • lamps
  • microwaves (small)
  • phones
  • posters
  • refrigerators (small)
  • televisions
  • toasters and toaster ovens (only permitted in apartment kitchens)

Prohibited furnishings and items

  • air conditioners
  • candles/incense
  • fish tanks greater than a 10 gallon capacity
  • furniture, upholstered
  • futons
  • grills of any kind (electric, charcoal, gas, propane, hibachi, etc.)
  • guns (including water, paintball, BB, plastic, etc.)
  • heating devices (open coiled or any type)
  • hoverboards
  • knives (other than those used for food preparation/consumption or academic classes)
  • lamps, halogen
  • lights (neon, decorative string, rope, etc)
  • mattresses, personal
  • open coil heating implements
  • routers
  • tapestries or any material used as a canopy or wall decoration - cannot cover more than 25% of wall space