Room Selection Calendar



Event Date

Due: ADA applications    (more info)

Feb 13

Housing Prepayments Accepted

  • Amount: $200 (non-refundable)
  • Place: University Enrollment Center (Foster Administration Building)
  • Credit Card Line - 508-999-9129 (Mon and Thurs - 9:30-6:30, Tues, Wed, Fri - 9:30-3:30)
  • Credit Card Online - link coming soon!

Feb 17-Mar 2


Due: Thematic Housing Applications -

* Quiet Housing, Substance Awareness Housing, Honors Housing (invite only), Sophomore Nursing/Engineering, Grad/Law 

Mar 13

Participation Lottery

  • *If* demand for on-campus housing exceeding supply, this lottery will determine
    which students will have an opportunity to make an on-campus room selection.

Mar 24


Room Selection Ranking
  • Determines the day/time student may make a room selection
Mar 25

Thematic: Room Retention/Retainer Roommate Pull-In

* Students MUST have a completed thematic housing application for 2015-16. (Mar 5-13)

Mar 31

Thematic: Room Selection

* Students MUST have a completed thematic housing application for 2015-16. (Mar 5-13)

Apr 1
Online Contract Signing Apr 1-15

General: Room Retention

* This is the only day for students to keep the room they are currently in.

Apr 2

General: Retainer Roommate Pull-In

* If a student has retained on April 2, the student can pull in juniors or seniors on this day (RSR's 1-1800) 

Apr 3

General: Room Selection For Grads, returning Seniors., rising Seniors (RSR's 1-900)

Apr 7
General: Room Selection For Rising Juniors (RSR's 901-1800) Apt 8

General: Rising Sophomore Pull-Ins

* Students who have selected a room and would like to pull in a rising Sophomore can do so today.

Apr 9
General: Room Selection For Rising Sophomores (RSR's 1801-2700) Apr 10