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 HR/Payroll Assistance Directory


Verification of EmploymentContactExtension
Verification of Employment Cheryl Dame x 8049
Compensation ReviewContactExtension
Compensation Review Michael Bracewell x 8178
Time & AttendanceContactExtension
Time and attendance reporting Cheryl Dame X 8049
All Employees Danielle Drabble Almeida x 8083
Disability - Long term Danielle Drabble Almeida x 8083
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Danielle Drabble Almeida x 8083
Tuition Waiver Cheryl Dame x 8049
Work Related Injuries/ Workers Compensation Danielle Drabble Almeida x 8083
Emergency Hires Leslie Mercure x 6474
Recruitment/ Advertising & New Hire Appointments: New Employment Appointment letter, Temporary Hires from agencies Leslie Mercure x 6474
Classification - Reallocation/Maintenance appeal Kevin Barrett x 8060
Labor RelationsContactExtension
Faculty Carol Santos x 8388
ESU Kimberly Sylvia x 8081
IBPO Kimberly Sylvia x 8081
Maintainers & Custodial Kimberly Sylvia x 8081
AFSCME Kimberly Sylvia x 8081
Employee RelationsContactExtension
All Sue Wilbur x 8080
Organizational Development & TrainingContactExtension
New Employee Orientation and OnBoarding Sheila Whitaker x 8045
Employee Engagement & Recognition Sheila Whitaker x 8045
Training & Professional Development Sheila Whitaker x 8045
Legal ComplianceContactExtension
Legal Compliance                                                                                                                                         Carol Santos                                x 8388
Policies & ProceduresContactExtension
Policies and Procedures Sue Wilbur x 8080
  Kimberley Pennock x 8073
Exit Interviews Sue Wilbur x 8080
Part-Time Lecturer(PTL), Benefited PTL (BPTL)
Appointment Letter
Elizabeth Cozzone x 8061

Honorific Appointments/
Reappointment Contracts

Elizabeth Cozzone x 8061
Orientation Program Sheila Whitaker x 8045
Faculty Personnel Actions Elizabeth Cozzone x 8061
Employment Visas Sue Wilbur x 8080
Organizational Charts Sue Wilbur x 8080
Performance ManagementContactExtension
All unions and Non-unit Classified Sheila Whitaker x 8045
Non-Unit Professional Carol Santos x 8388
Information SystemsContactExtension
HR Information (HRIS) Kimberley Pennock x 8073
PeopleSoft HRDirect Kimberley Pennock x 8073
Reporting/ Data requests Kimberley Pennock x 8073
Website Kimberley Pennock x 8073
General informationContactExtension
General Information Jayne Weingard x 8060