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Employee milestones


The following faculty and staff celebrated milestone anniversaries in 2013:
Celebrating 40 years:  
Jack R. Stauder Sociology & Anthropology Department
Celebrating 35 years:  
Paul E. Souza CITS Learning Spaces Operations Team
Helen M. Reilly Bursar's Office
Gordon McLennan Academic Advising
Charlene M. Bernardo Bursar's Office
Jeffrey A. Burns Print Shop
Robbin M. Roy Academic Resources Center
Elizabeth Moreau Office of the Dean, Engineering
Larry M. Miller Sociology & Anthropology Department
Harvey Goldman Design Department
Yale R. Magrass Sociology & Anthropology Department
Jongping Hsu Physics Department
Judith Sims Knight Psychology Department
Donald W. Boerth Chemistry/Biochemistry Department
Alan Hirshfeld Physics Department
Erika A. Pereira Library Learning Commons
Kathy L. Grandmaison Library Access Services
Gail Berman Career Development Center
Celebrating 30 years:  
Elizabeth A. Martin Conferencing Office
Peter J. Carreiro HVAC
Scott K. Messier Power Plant
Carol A. Olancin Counseling Services
Edward E. Fitta Receiving and Stores
Thomas J. Proc Janitorial
Nurit Budinsky Mathematics Department
Richard F. Golen Management & Marketing Department
Philip H. Viall Electrical/Computer Engineering Department
Jan W. Bergandy Computer & Information Science Department
Verena I. Lisinski Training and Change Management
Celebrating 25 years:  
Catherine Porada Housing Office
Joanne L. Garfield Library Technical Services
Steven R. Mello Public Safety Department
Elaine M. Tisdale Asselin Institutional Advancement
Robert H. Fraser Power Plant
Jonathan E. Hird Athletic Department
Joseph G. Costa HVAC
David P. Rancour Electrical/Computer Engineering Department
Raymond N. Laoulache Mechanical Engineering Department
Alan B. Thompson Artisanry Department
James P. Bobrick English Department
Susan H. Hamlet Artisanry Department
Eric C. Lintala Fine Arts Department
Christina M. Biron Foreign Language Department
Marc St. Pierre Fine Arts Department
Suzanne M. Audet Administrative & Fiscal Services
Pamela L. Paynton Financial Aid Office
Colleen M. Wetterland Career Development Center
Althea B. Bullard Institutional Advancement
Gina Johnson Housing Custodial
Margaret Dias CITS
Diane A. Azevedo Art History Department
Ricky M. Smeaton Grounds
Douglas A. Cieto Janitorial
Diane M. Gomes IT Service Center
Louis A. Couto Housing Custodial
Celebrating 20 years:  
Dayalan P. Kasilingam Electrical/Computer Engineering Department
Amy B. Parelman Academic Resources Center
D. Christine Frizzell Counseling Services
John J. Teves Housing Maintenance
Faith T. Silva Housing Custodial
John O. Mannes Public Safety Department
Rosa M. Cabral Bursar's Office
Russell Ferreira Public Safety Department
Valerie Caswell Office of the Provost
Susan M. Cunha Mechanical Engineering Department
Susan E. Foley History Department
Michael J. Santos Housing Maintenance
Bruce J. Carvalho Grounds
Laurajane Fitzsimons College Now
Jose A. Soler Labor Education Center
Catherine M. Hickey IT Infrastructure
Richard D. Legault II Training and Change Management
Bryan V. McFarlane Fine Arts Department
Nancy J. O'Connor Biology Department
Tesfay Meressi Graduate Studies
Andrew E. Darling IT Infrastructure
Brian M. Sullivan IT Infrastructure
Judith A. Gilbert Student Enrollment Center
Anthony M. Baird Business Innovation Research Center
Kathleen A. Magnusson Admissions Office
Celebrating 15 years:  
John P. Frazier Mailroom
Dennis N. Robillard Electrical/Computer Engineering Department
Rogerio Oliveira Janitorial
Christopher J. Laib SAIL Department
Miles A. Sundermeyer Estuarine & Ocean Sciences
Flavio S. Duarte Janitorial
Susan M. Hunter Revell Adult and Child Nursing
Kellyann B. Kowalski Management & Marketing Department
Stacy Latt Savage Fine Arts Department
Ziddi Msangi Design Department
Paul L. Bergstein Computer & Information Science Department
Jianyi Jay Wang Physics Department
Marguerite L. Zarrillo Physics Department
Scott B. Ahrens Design Department
Shouhong Wang Decision & Information Science
Frank J. Scarano Medical Laboratory Science Department
James B. Lawton Artisanry Department
D. Steven White Management & Marketing Department
Tribhuvan N. Puri Accounting/Finance Department
Michael H. Anderson Accounting/Finance Department
Laura E. Franz Design Department
Angappa Gunasekaran Dean, Charlton College of Business
John D. Souza Public Safety Department
Maurice E. Dore Public Safety Department
Victor Jorge Public Safety Department
Kevin D.E. Stokesbury Fisheries Oceanography
Karen E. Tavares Office of the Dean, Library
Kristina C. Leonardo University Records
Timothy M. O'Neil CITS Learning Spaces Operations Team
Denise D. Boyer Accounts Payable
Carrie B. Souza Professional & Continuing Education
Raymond C. Santos Mailroom
Evelyn Bernardo Housing Custodial
Janet Rusinoski Facilities Operations
Qinguo Fan BioEngineering Department
Beverly A. Johnson IT Infrastructure
Carl Leidhold Chemistry/Biochemistry Department
Deirdre A. Confar Office of the Dean, Library
Jane N. Staples Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center
Celebrating 10 years:  
Patricia A. Crowley Center for School & University Partnerships
Tammy C. Lajewski Library Technical Services
Daniel G. MacDonald Estuarine & Ocean Sciences
Tammy M. Costa Bursar's Office
Qichun Xu Fisheries Oceanography
Arthur Araujo Power Plant
Geoffrey W. Cowles Fisheries Oceanography
Christopher L. Frias IT Infrastructure
Ava M. Lescault Center for Marketing Research
Gaurav Khanna Physics Department
Chris K. Papenhausen Management & Marketing Department
Robert G. Darst Political Science Department
Haiping Xu Computer & Information Science Department
Maureen P. Hall Teaching & Learning Department
Stanley D. Harrison English Department
Lisa Maya Knauer Sociology & Anthropology Department
Morgan J. Peters English Department
Robin A. Robinson Sociology & Anthropology Department
Anne T. Kirschmann History Department
James A. Edwards Design Department
Elizabeth E. Hart Medical Laboratory Science Department
Paul D. Calvert BioEngineering Department
Sara Jane Horvet Estuarine & Ocean Sciences
Yue Jiao Fisheries Oceanography
Michael P. Deignan SMAST