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Spring 2007 Course Listings

IST 111:  Science of Kriyayoga

IST 444:  Topic in Indic Studies

MGT 492:  Special Topics in Management- Business & Enterpreneurship in India


IST 111 (three credits)

Science of Kriyayoga (No Prerequisites)

Introduction to the scientific nature of Kriyayoga, a concept of yoga encompassing actions and increasingly used to the advantage of human health. In addition, topics of integrated modern science related to human life and action will be covered at the fundamental level. The course will introduce basic Kriyayoga techniques to be practiced at the individual or group level.

Time: 11:00 – 12:15PM
Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Professor: Bal Ram Singh


IST 444  (three credits)

Topic In Indic Studies - Business & Entrepreneurship in India (No Prerequisites)


MGT 492 (three credits) Special Topics in Management - Business & Entrepreneurship in India (No Prerequisites)

The course will explore the economic and busines climate of India and discuss how India has become the preferred destinationf or outsourcing and global partnerships. The course will atke a historical approach to see how India got to the present state and through several cases discuss the present investment scenarios in India. The course will exam questions such as what has fueled this growth and what are the trends?

Time: 11:00 – 12:15PM
Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Professor: V.Shastri.