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Faculty & Staff

Dr. Bal Ram Singh , Director

Center for Indic Studies, Botlinum Research Center & Department Of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Violette, Rm 210 
Work: 508-999-8588 
Fax : 508-999-8451 

Dr. Singh's CV

Image of Dr. Bal Ram Singh, Director 

Dr.Sukalyan Sengupta, Assistant Director

Center for Indic Studies & Department Of Civil Engineering
Violette, 108C 
Work: 508-999-8470 
Fax : 508-999-8964

 Image of Dr. Sukalyan Sengupta, Assistant Director 
Pandit Ramadheen Ramasamooj

Center for Indic Studies & 3R's foundation ( website )
Office: 508-910-9404/
Cell:  603-682-0211


 Dr. Jerry Solfvin

Center for Indic Studies
Trailer IV, Room 4
Work: 508-910-6630
Fax : 508- 999-8451


Swami Yogatmananda

Hindu Chaplin, Umass Dartmouth
c/o Providence Vedanta Society
227 Angell Street
Providence, RI     02906
Office: 401-421-3960

Image of Swami Yogatmananda, Hindu Chaplain 


Bharatendra K Rai

Associate Professor of Buisness Statistics & Operations Management      Department of Decision and Information SciencesUmass Dartmouth
Charlton College of Buisness, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

Email: brai@umassd.edu

Website: http://www.faculty.umassd.edu/bharatendra.rai/



 Dr. Avijit Gangopadhaya

Center for Indic Studies & Department Of Physics 
SMAST, Rm 201A 
Group II, Rm 203 
Work: 508-999-6330(SMAST)/8493(Group II) 
Fax : 508- 999-8197 

Image of Dr. Avijit Gangopadhaya 

 Dr. Angappa Gunasekaran

Center for Indic Studies & Charlton College of Business 
Department of Management, Rm 205 
Work: 508-999-9187 
Fax : 508- 999-8646 

Image of Dr. Angappa Gunashekaran 

 Dr. Tribhuvan Puri

Center for Indic Studies & Charlton College of Business 
Department Of Accounting, Rm 304 
Work: 508-999-8759 
Fax : 508-999-8646 

Image of Dr. Tribhuvan Puri 

 Dr. Tridib Roy

Center for Indic Studies, Professor Emeritus

Image of Dr. Tridib Roy, Professor Emeritus 


 Dr. Amit Tandon

Center for Indic Studies & Department Of Physics
Group II, Rm 306A 

Work: 508-999-8357

Image of Dr. Amit Tandon 

Dr. Maureen Hall

Adjunct Associate Professor
Center for Indic Studies

Email: mhall@umassd.edu 

Maureen Hall CV

Image of Dr. Maureen Hall, Adjunct Professor  

Dr. V D Misra

Adjunct Professor                                                                                        

Center for Indic Studies                                                                               

Email: vdmisra@hotmail.com



Dr. Girish Nath Jha

Center for Indic Studies & Mukesh and Preeti Chatter

Distinguished Professor of History of Science

Image of Dr. Girish Nath Jha 
Dr. Satynarayana Parayitam

Associate Professor

Department of Management and Marketing, Charlton College of Buisness

Office: 508.910.6501

Email: sparayitam@umassd.edu


 Dr. Adam J Sulkowski

Adjunct Faculty
Center for Indic Studies

Office: 508.999.8037 

Email: asulkowski@umassd.edu

Dr. Timothy Walker

Associate Professor of History, UMass Dartmouth

Member of Indic Studies Academics Affiliate Council (ISAAC)

Email: twalker@umassd.edu

Timothy Walker CV


Dr. Parag Waknis

Assistant Professor of Economics, UMass Dartmouth

Member of Indic Studies Academics Affiliate Council (ISAAC)

Email: parag.waknis@umassd.edu 

Parag Waknis, PhD. CV


Christopher Larkosh

Assistant Professor of Portugese, UMass Dartmouth

Member of Indic Studies Academics Affiliate Council (ISAAC)

Email: clarkosh@umassd.edu

Christopher Larkosh CV


Roy Hartigan

Professor of Music, UMass Dartmouth

Member of Indic Studies Academics Affiliate Council (ISAAC)

Email: royaljhartigan@yahoo.com

Royal Hartigan CV


Dr. Gopala Vasudevan

Professor, Accounting and Finance

Charlton College of Buisness, UMass Dartmouth

Email: gvasudevan@umassd.edu






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