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Dr. Jerry Solfvin

Image of Dr. Jerry Solfvin 

Designation: Adjunct Associate Professor (non-teaching) with Center for Indic Studies. My training is in mathematics (BA), psychology (MA), and the social sciences (PhD).
Area of interest: I am primarily a methodologist, designing and analyzing (statistical) human research, especially on the mind-body issues, such as in health and healing.
Area of specialization: Consciousness studies, parapsychology, science and spirituality, meditation, attention, and intention.
Hobbies: Reading (non-fiction), swimming, traveling and following NCAA division I basketball (especially my alma mater, UNC).
Role in Indic studies:

I assist with planning and coordinating conferences which highlight the East-West synergy and bring India's psycho-spiritual traditions to Western attention. I founded the Elder Meditation Project through which I bring meditation training to seniors in nursing homes who would otherwise not have access to it.

Message: Much of my life has been making personal and professional "discoveries" - such as the power of the mind, meditation, and healing through intention - which are accepted truths for thousands of years in India. I view myself as a bridge across which these powerful and nurturing discoveries can be brought to other Westerners in a palatable and understandable form. "
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