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 Annual Expenses

Expenses for students

Each year the University estimates the undergraduate cost of attendance, the amount of money students can expect to pay for housing, tuition, books, and so on.  A more detailed breakdown of fees by credit can be found at the Bursar's Office. Similar information is available for graduate costs. International students are not eligible for either federal financial aid or the New England Regional Student Program.

Summer study is not included in these estimates. These figures do not include travel expenses to and from your home country or expenses for dependents.

Expenses for dependents

If your spouse accompanies you, you should add $6,000.00 to the total yearly cost. If children will accompany you, you should estimate an additional $1,000.00 annually for each child. 

Cost of Living in this area

In addition, we provide a link to a recent survey of international students' spending on more specific items, such as bedding, entertainment, rent and utilities, and so on.  We hope you find the results interesting and helpful.  2013 Cost of Living Survey .




Updated 9/4/2014