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 Family Information

If you will be bringing family members (spouse/ children) to UMass Dartmouth with you, please read the following:


For F-1 visa purposes, only spouses and unmarried children under 21 are considered to be dependents. Household servants are not considered to be dependents nor, generally, are parents or siblings.

Your dependents can accompany you to the United States as long as you have proof of sufficient funds to provide for them. If you have told us that your dependents will accompany you, we have provided them with a Form I-20 in their names. If you have not given us information about accompanying dependents, please notify us immediately and provide the appropriate bank documents showing funding so that we can prepare the paperwork.

For all dependents who will come with you, please tell us the full name, date and place of birth, country of citizenship, and relationship to you. Unless they are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, we will issue a SEVIS I-20 to accompanying dependents to apply for the F-2 visa with which to enter the United States.

Employment and Education Opportunities for Dependents

Those on the F-2 visa cannot work under any circumstances. Those on the F-2 visa can study and accept assistantship awards only after approval from USCIS of a change-of-status application to convert to F-1 status. Please ask the International Student & Scholar Center for advice and assistance with the application.

Education Opportunities for Children

In Massachusetts, any child who has reached his/her 6th birthday must attend school and may begin as early as age 5. The public schools in Dartmouth and surrounding communities are free of charge and the quality of education is high. 

If you will be bringing school age children with you, you must also bring with you certified copies of birth certificate and evidence that they have been immunized against polio, measles rubella, diphtheria and tetanus. Children cannot enter school without proof of age and appropriate immunizations. (The immunizations can be obtained from doctors in the area but you must pay for these and the costs are high).  You should also bring your children's school records, in English, if possible; otherwise, you may need to translate them yourself for school officials.

Health Insurance & Health Care

International students are required to purchase the UMass Dartmouth Student Health Insurance. We expect all students to purchase this insurance for dependents who come to the United States.

Unless there is a medical emergency, you must first visit the University Health Office to obtain a referral to any outside health facilities or personnel, as required by the UMass Dartmouth Student Health Insurance policy.

All UMass Dartmouth students are charged a mandatory health service fee. This entitles students to unlimited visits to the University Health Office for consultation with registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and/or physicians.

More information can be found on the Health Services website.

St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford and the Dartmouth Medical Walk-In Clinic are the closest off-campus health facilities. Remember, unless there is a medical emergency, students must come to the Health Office at UMass Dartmouth before visiting one of these facilities, in order for the health insurance policy to be valid.

Students are responsible for the fees charged at these off-campus facilities. In most cases, your UMass Dartmouth Student Health Insurance will cover some of these fees immediately and will reimburse you for some of these fees. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay part of the bill yourself and then seek reimbursement as necessary from your insurance provider.

Updated 6/18/2012