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Degree Students

This page explains why some J-1 visa students are in the category of degree-seeking.

Certain J-1 students apply through regular undergraduate or graduate admissions, are accepted to one of the degree programs here, and receive a diploma from UMass Dartmouth. 

Examples of international students who are admitted to a formal degree program at UMass Dartmouth are:

  • students sponsored by their home governments for undergraduate or graduate study;
  • students sponsored by the Fulbright organization.

Requirements for degree-seeking status:

  • must be working toward a formally-defined program
  • must be enrolled full-time in that program
  • must remain in good academic standing 

See the ISSC if you have any questions about these requirements. 

Academic advising for degree students

All degree students receive academic advising from a faculty member.  Degree-seeking students and Fulbright students are assigned to a faculty adviser by their academic department. 

Non-academic advising for degree students

The ISSC can refer you to the appropriate University office for issues outside of your academic program.  The ISSC invites J-1 students in degree programs to use us as an on-campus resource in addition to the agency that issued your DS 2019 form. 






Updated 8/21/2014