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 Spouse or Dependents

This page explains requirements for bringing your family with you while you study in the U.S.

J-1 students may bring their spouse and unmarried minor children (under 21 years old) as dependents. Each family member will need a Form DS-2019 and will need to apply at an American embassy or consulate for a J-2 visa to enter the U.S.

Information about your immediate family

  • Your J-2 family can stay with you in the U.S. as long as your own J-1 status continues.
  • Your J-2 family can study part-time or full-time in the U.S.
  • Your J-2 family may apply for permission to work in the U.S.  Please consult the ISSC for further information about employment authorization for J-2 family members.

Information about other family

A family member who is not a minor child or spouse and wants to visit the U.S. may request a B-2 tourist visa.  The application process is explained on the U.S. Department of State website. The ISSC may provide you a Family Visit letter to assist the family member in obtaining this visa.





Updated 9/4/2014