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Temporary Absence from the United States

Many international students like to travel outside the U.S. during school holidays and vacation period. Please make sure your DS-2019 has been signed for travel by the ISSC.  Your DS 2019 is usually signed during the check-in process at the ISSC, after you arrive at UMass Dartmouth. This signature is required to authorize your return to the U.S. Also make sure the entry visa stamp in your passport will be valid on the date of your return.

If you are not certain whether you have obtained such a signature or whether the signature you have is up to date, please check with the ISSC. Please give us sufficient advance notice! Only two officials on campus are authorized to sign on your DS-2019, and one must be available to give you a signature. Please e-mail Pat Mooney at pmooney@umassd.edu or the ISSC at INTL_Office@umassd.edu.

Contact us immediately if you have an emergency situation requiring you to leave the U.S. temporarily.





Updated 6/21/2012