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Scholar Appointment; Forms and Information

The following information gives a brief overview of the J-1 scholar appointment process and more detailed information about  the materials our office requires to prepare the DS-2019 visa application form.  Questions may be directed to the ISSC at intl_office@umassd.edu


J-1 Scholar Overview

Visiting Scholar Agreement for protection of intellectual property

Visiting Scholar Certification of Language Proficiency


 J-1 Scholar Data Process Checklist   - for use by Department, Scholars, and Dependents, if applicable 

  • To be completed by sponsoring department:

J-1 Scholar DS 2019 Data Form A - Department    

  • To be completed by exchange visitor:

 J-1 DS 2019 Data Form B - Exchange Visitor    

  • To be completed by exchange visitor and dependents: 

J-1 Scholar DS 2019 Data Form C - Dependent