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(UMD courses taught abroad by UMD faculty)

UMass Dartmouth welcomes degree students from other colleges and universities to apply for any UMass Dartmouth study abroad program.  It is not necessary to apply for a UMass degree program and non-UMass students accepted for a study abroad program will be registered as non-degree students.  (See the Non-UMass application at left under, "Applications & Forms".)

UMass in Lisbon
Professor Michael Baum
All Majors  |  Portugal (Lisbon)  |  Fall, Spring

Wolfsburg Germany   (Spring 2013 on campus + summer )
Assistant Professor Godwin Ariguzo
Business  |  Germany (Wolfsburg)  |  Spring semester (two week field experience in Germany)

  (Summer 2013 tentative, July 4-23)
(3 credits)
Professor Bryan McFarlane
Fine Arts  |  China  |  Summer Session
Click here to learn more about last year's program.

ATR 300 (3 credits) (Summer 2013 tentative, July 25-Aug25)
Professor Deborah Carlson
Artisanry, Textiles  |  India  |  Summer Session
Click here to learn more about last year's program.

FIA 243/ARH 210/ITA 201 (6 credits)  (Summer 2013, June 6 - 28)
Professor Anthony Miraglia, Associate Professor Memory Holloway
Painting, Art History, Italian  |  Italy  |  Summer Session
Click here to learn more. Watch videos from two students, Michelle Carter and Jessica Holske, who recently studied in Italy.

NUR 331 (3 credits) (Spring semester, 2013)

This Spring course on campus for junior Nursing majors, will offer one section with clinical component in Haiti replacing the usual local clinical work.  During the week in Haiti, nursing students work in various settings that are operated by Partners in Development.  Most of the time is spent working with an RN mentor in the clinic.  Pre and post work are also involved with the local Haitian community. Placement is competitive.  Questions should be directed to Prof. Jenne Leffers at jleffers@umassd.edu. 

PSC 393/593, PSC 394/594 (6 credits)
Associate Professor Michael Baum
Political Science  |  Portugal  |  Summer Session
Click here to learn more. Visit us on Facebook! Watch a video featuring Albert Roberson, a UMD student who went abroad on this program.





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