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UMass Dartmouth ISA Committee Members

Committee Members 2013-2014

NameDepartmentPositionEmail AddressPhone Number
Saranyan Balasubramanian Computer Science President sbalasubramanian@umassd.edu (+1)508-615-5775
Nikhil Jain Business Administration Vice President njain@umassd.edu (+1)774-400-6193
Gaurav Kulkarni Computer Science Treasurer gkulkarni@umassd.edu (+1)508-496-6537
Sruthi Veena Kaitha Computer Science Cultural Secretary skaithapandurangarao@umassd.edu (+1)505-818-9718
Ralph Philip Business Administration Sports & Public Affairs rphilip@umassd.edu (+1)508-649-1488
Rahul Kulkarni Computer Science Web Master rkulkarni@umassd.edu (+1)508-615-5736
Dr. Satya Parayitam Business Administration ISA-Advisor sparayitam@umassd.edu (+1)(774)328-9043

Previous Committees 

New students from India are requested to contact any of the committee members listed above for any sort of help. We will try our best to help you. 





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