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 UMass Dartmouth ISA Committee Members

Committee Members 2015-2016


President Harikiran Kothamasu Computer Science hkothamasu@umassd.edu 617-697-9475
Vice President Nagendra Modem Computer Science nmodem@umassd.edu 774-465-0253
Treasurer Akshay Pawar Computer Science apawar@umassd.edu 774-319-7546
Web Master Narendra Kulkarni Computer Science nkulkarni@umassd.edu 812-671-2704
Cultural Secretary Prinkle Sharma Computer Science psharma1@umassd.edu 617-784-3617
Sports Secretary Raghu Nalluri Computer Science rnalluri@umassd.edu 774-328-5232
Transportation Coordinator Kalesha Nagineni Computer Science knagineni@umassd.edu 508-714-1502
Student Adviser Vishwambar Kokare Computer Science vkokare@umassd.edu 774-417-4485
ISA Adviser Satyanarayana Parayitam Business Administrstion Faculty sparayitam@umassd.edu 508-910-6501

Previous Committees 

New students from India are requested to contact any of the committee members listed above for any sort of help. We will try our best to help you.