Campus and facilities

Please take a moment to learn more about UMass Law's campus and facilities. If you'd like to visit us in person, contact our Admissions Department to arrange a tour.

UMass Law campus

Nestled among the pines and cedars of southeastern Massachusetts—between the Paskamansett River and the coastline of Buzzards Bay—UMass Law offers a tranquil setting in which to study law.

Yet conveniences are just minutes away: highways, shopping, dining.

Our up-to-date 75,000 square-foot facility on 8.5 acres of land opened in 1993. UMass Law offers its students: 

  • 1,900 sq. ft. Law Learning Center for all academic support personnel and materials
  • 140,000 volume law library with access to extensive online databases
  • computer labs for student work, with wireless connectivity throughout

UMass Dartmouth campus

As students of UMass Dartmouth, UMass Law students also have access to university services, facilities, and amenities on the main campus, only 2.8 miles away.





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