Campus courtrooms

Our on-campus courtrooms offer the opportunity for realistic simulations, preparing you for real-world, professional law practice. 

Students in trial practice courses use the courtrooms to:

  • become familiar with courtroom procedure and decorum
  • practice courtroom skills in a completely professional setting

An image of UMass Law's Larkin Moot Courtroom. Larkin Moot Courtroom

The Francis J. Larkin Moot Courtroom is UMass Law's large on-campus practice courtroom.

The Larkin Moot Courtroom is furnished with:

  • judge's bench
  • jury box
  • gallery seating for 100 people

UMass Law also uses the Larkin Moot Courtroom for special events such as guest lectures and seminars. The Massachusetts Appeals Court has held sessions here.

Hearing Room‌An image of the Larkin Moot Courtroom at UMass Law.

A second courtroom—the Hearing Room—is located on the lower level. Smaller than the Larkin Moot Courtroom, the Hearing Room features:

  • judge's bench
  • seating for 15-20 people

Civil Service hearings are regularly held here, and UMass Law also uses the Hearing Room for school functions.

Reserving the courtrooms

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