Mission Statement

UMass Law is the Commonwealth’s public law school.  We are committed to providing an excellent, affordable, and accessible legal education.

Our collegial community respects and promotes diversity in identity and ideas.  Our program balances legal theory, doctrine, skills, experience, and professionalism.  We strive to graduate competent, ethical, and creative professionals who exercise sound judgment.

Our involvement in the legal community enables our students to thrive in a changing profession and to serve the needs of their future clients.

We advance justice within and beyond the Commonwealth through our research, writing, teaching, learning, practice, and engagement with the profession.

Implementing the mission

UMass Law advances the mission of educating men and women for membership in the legal profession, providing its students the intellectual and practical training necessary for the practice of law. It instills in its students an appreciation of the human qualities necessary for the practice of law to be a satisfying and worthwhile career.

UMass Law provides its students with an educational program based on three principles:

  • A traditional focus on developing students' analytical skills in the law
  • Opportunities for students to begin developing practical legal skills
  • An introduction to the fundamental human questions connected with the study and practice of law, so that they may more fully understand the responsibilities of being a lawyer and thus be better prepared to face the challenges involved in the practice of law in 21st century American society

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