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In an effort to keep web content as accurate, up-to-date, and user-centered as possible, the University of Massachusetts School of Law - Dartmouth and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth offer a number of services and resources that your office, department, or student organization can utilize to publicize events and disseminate information via

What we do

Law School Web Services handles all content updates for Web Services members are trained in the use of UMass Dartmouth's content management system TerminalFour.

Web Services provides individuals, offices, departments, and student groups and clubs with clean, dynamic web content. We can make updates to existing pages on the UMass Law site, create new pages and sites as approved by the proper administrative channels, and help you publicize your events to the law school, UMass Dartmouth, and the general public.

Submit Content

Need to update a page on the UMass Law site? Create a new page? Host a document? Publicize an event?

Prepare Your Content - Create a Word document of new content you'd like to add to the site OR annotate a screenshot of an existing page to which you'd like to make changes

Produce Downloadable PDFs - If you will be including any downloadable documents (forms, info-packets, etc.), convert them to PDFs using your perferred word processor

Contact Web Services - Email your content and detailed instructions to Phil Cleary ( and Eric Marshall (

 Be sure to include in your email if you would like to see previews of your updates before they are published to the live site.


As members of the UMass Dartmouth community, these resources are also available for your use:

University Web Events Calendar - Use the events calendar to publicize law school events. Be sure to select 'School of Law' as the event's category so that it will display on the law school hompage feed. You can also use the web calendar submission form to request that your event be publicized on the university's entrance marquee.

Photographics - Need professionally shot images for your site or page? Have an event coming up that you'd like to publicize on the website? Invite photographics to provide you with top-notch professional photography services.

myUMassD - An online resource that makes it easy to check your course information and communicate with students.

ReservIt - Need to reserve a conference room, computer lab, or classroom on the UMass Dartmouth main campus? ResvervIt can help you find out what spaces are available for your event, class, or meeting.


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