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Academic Resources and Writing Center (ARWC)

UMass Law is dedicated to assisting all students with their individual learning styles.

By providing additional instruction, guidance, and encouragement as students confront the rigors of the study of law, the Academic Resources department helps fulfill the law school's primary mission of educating men and women for membership in the legal profession.

Now available: new online legal writing workshops

ARWC services

The ARWC complements the curriculum's traditional focus on the development of analytical skills in the law by focusing on improving students' abilities to analyze and to think critically. In addition, by providing students with personalized instruction and by recognizing the different learning styles of students, the ARWC positively contributes to the law school's commitment to treat each person as an individual.

By offering instruction that acknowledges and accommodates different learning styles, the ARWC provides a positive example that UMass Law welcomes the varied educational backgrounds and experiences of all its students. The program consists of the following components:

Academic Resources - Helpful links to law school study skills strategies for exam performance are located on this page.

UMass Law School Student Tool Kit - Up-to-date class and semester schedules, Student Handbook, and frequently used forms available in .pdf on this page.

One L Program - Director and staff provide instruction in law school study skills, legal analysis, and exam preparation.

Spring Exam Writing Workshops - Eight exam practice workshops are provided for One L students to perfect exam-taking skills.

Dean's Fellows Program - Upper-level peer tutors selected by the Dean provide clarification and tutoring for individuals and student groups in all subjects.

Academic Counseling - ARWC director and staff provide counseling and tutoring for students in academic difficulty.

Writing Center - ARWC staff and Dean's Fellows provide assistance with Legal Skills assignments and ULW projects.

Bar Exam and MPRE - Applications, deadlines, resources, and information links are available on this page. 

ARWC Department Newsletters - Links to copies of Verbum Sapienti are available here.


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