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UMass Law ADA Accommodations

The Director of the Academic Resources department is responsible for coordinating and providing reasonable classroom and testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Because law school tests and exams are anonymously graded, the accommodations process differs slightly from the University's. Students should familiarize themselves with the accommodations process detailed on the link below, download the Voluntary Disclosure form located on ADA Forms link, and set up an appointment with Anne Walsh Folino, Esq. in Room 104 of the library. Below are helpful ADA electronic resources:

UMass Law Accommodations Forms

Accommodations AFFIDAVIT (PDF)

Accommodations Agreement‌ (PDF)

Classroom Recording Policy‌ (PDF)

Pending Accommodations‌ (PDF)

Physician Diagnosis‌ (PDF)

Voluntary Disclosure of Disability (PDF)

Policies & procedures

UMass Law ADA Accommodations Policies & Procedures (PDF)

Other ADA Resources

Americans with Disabilities Act

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

AHEAD (Association of Higher Education and Disabilities)

Help for Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

Rights of ADA Students in Higher Education (PDF)


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