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Online workshops & resources

Online Workshops

Legal Skills Assistance e-Resources

ARWC staff and Dean's Fellows are available to review and edit all writing projects including submissions for Upper Level Writing. The following electronic resources can provide additional help:

The Bluebook

Legal Dictionary

General Thesaurus and encyclopedia

Purdue OWL Writing Lab

    •  grammar, punctuation, and writing exercises

Dr. Grammar

UMass Law Legal Skills Notes

University and Law School resources for grammar, punctuation, citation, and writing:

The Legal Writing Teaching Assistant: The Law Student's Guide to Good Writing, M. Grinker

Online Legal Writing Workshops

These online workshops are available for download. Please contact the Writing Center services for more information.


Persuasive Writing

Planning an Upper Level Writing Project

Citation Review I

Grammar and Punctuation

Citation Review II


Preparing for Oral Argument




How to Outline Your Law Course

Crafting a Checklist for Exam Issue Spotting

Essay Exam Attack Plan

Essay Outline Prep Chart

Multistate Exam Attack Plan

How to Write a Torts Exam

How to Write a Contracts Exam

How to Write a Property Exam

How to Write a Civil Procedure Exam

How to Write a Constitutional Law Exam   



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