Community Development Clinic (CDC)

Students, supervised by a law school professor, spend one semester representing small businesses and non-profit organizations in the South An image of UMass Law's Community Development Clinic.Coast area of Massachusetts. Work includes:

  • drafting corporate documents
  • preparing state and federal filings
  • conducting legal audits
  • researching legal issues
  • reviewing contracts

Students may also have the opportunity to research new developments in the law and make presentations to the board of directors and employees of nonprofit organizations, as well as assist clients engaging in small for-profit business activity.

Clinic students attend a weekly two-hour seminar, which will provide training in relevant legal topics such as:

  • practical skills necessary for representation
  • legal drafting and public speaking skills
  • reflections on and consideration of ethical issues arising in practice

Interested students should contact Crystal Desirey, Clinical Programs Coordinator, for Community Development Clinic application in addition to the Law Enrollment Center's (LEC) general application.


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