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Field Placement Programs

Field Placement Programs Infopac (PDF)

Coordinated Field Placement Program

A student not presently enrolled in a clinic or Field Placement Program may get experience in a particular doctrinal area by volunteering with a lawyer who practices in a substantive area covered in a course in which the student is enrolled.

1-credit option - 70 hours per semester (avg 5 hours/week during the semester)

2-credit option - 140 hours per semester (avg 10 hours/week during the semester)

The doctrinal professor and student meet during the semester at least three times to discuss relevant issues of law.  Students will submit journal entries to their professor in advance of each meeting as well as weekly time logs.  Professors will also speak with the Supervising Attorney at least twice during the course of the semester regarding student progress.

Due to the limited time spent in the placement, the law school does not approve this experience for Massachusetts Rule 3:03 or Rhode Island Rule 9(A) certification.

Field Placement Program  

To get a sense of a lawyer’s work (preparing cases, interviewing and counseling, trying or settling cases), students may enroll in placements in a law office (public or private) or judicial chamber. Students will work under the supervision of a practicing attorney or judge, gaining practical skills in a real-world setting.

3-credit option - 130 placement hours during the semester

4-credit option - 170 placement hours during the semester

A weekly seminar permits students to discuss their experiences (while maintaining client confidentiality) and focuses on various ethical issues encountered in practice.  Class discussions may address anything from setting up a law office to the theory and practice of legal skills like interviewing, counseling, and professionalism. 

Judicial Placements - Students applying for judicial placements must submit a writing sample and, if requested, letters of recommendation.  In these placements, in addition to participating in the Field Placement class, students observe a judge in chambers and court, conduct research, and may have an opportunity to work on judicial opinions. 

Advanced Field Placement Program 

Students taking the Field Placement Program for a second semester are encouraged to seek a placement in a different law office (public or private) or judicial chamber to broaden their knowledge and skills in the practice of law, attend weekly seminars, write journal entries and a final 15-page paper.  Additional assignments will be determined by the professor teaching the class. 

3-credit option - 130 placement hrs during the semester

4-credit option - 170 placement hrs during the semester

MA Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:03 Approval/RI Supreme Judicial Court Rule 9(A) Approval: Students who are working in either certain qualified non-profit organizations or governmental offices that require the students to appear before courts or other state tribunals may qualify to practice under Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:03 or Rhode Island Rule 9(A). Other states have comparable student practice rules. Interested students should review the information from the state court in which you seek to practice. Please refer to the Student Practitioners page and speak with your clinic supervisor or Professor Margaret Drew (for non-clinic applications) prior to completing any necessary forms. The school does not permit student licensing for coordinated field placements.

Please see the professor or Crystal Desirey to coordinate the application.


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